Boutique sports media and public relations company, Nine Ounces is proud to announce the signing of one of Australia’s most successful young wakeboarders, Nic Rapa. 

After taking up wakeboarding only four years ago, this energetic and talented 18 year old from the Hawkesbury area of New South Wales has made a name for himself both locally and internationally. 

Rapa absolutely dominated the junior wakeboarding scene in 2015, taking out not one but two world finals making him one of the most successful junior wakeboarders on the planet. 

Back home after a whirlwind year competing overseas, the young Aussie has kept up his relentless pursuit of success and delivered a victory in the 2016 Mastercraft Australian Open, was crowned 2014-2016 Junior Rider of the Year at Rider Choice Awards Australia and has qualified for the Moomba Masters International Invitational.  

Moomba Masters is being held from 9-14 March in Melbourne and will see Rapa aiming to make the top 10 in Men’s Division in a field full of world-class competitors. On stepping up early to the Men’s Division this year, Rapa says “After such great results last year, I really feel like I’m ready to move onto the next level. I want to go bigger and better this year.”  

His success on the wakeboarding circuit aside, Rapa remains humble and supportive of his fellow competitors. “I think it’s important to stay grounded. No matter who you go up against, everyone’s got the same goal; be the best, but make sure you have fun doing it.”

Hot young talent Nic Rapa is available for sponsorship opportunities. 

Everybody is waiting for the Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm rematch but could it be possible that, when it eventually does happen, Rousey will go into the octagon as champion? The fly in the ointment is Miesha Tate. As we know, Holm is set to fight Tate at UFC197 on March 6 and everybody expects a walkover. The supporting evidence cites Holm's devastating win over Rousey and Tate's two losses to Rousey. But Tate is a better stand-up fighter than Rousey and so less likely to be dominated on her feet, which was Rousey's downfall, and which gives her a chance to match Holm before getting her on the ground. The biggest downside in a Tate win over Holm would undoubtedly lead to a third fight with Rousey, where Rousey would be an un-backable favourite to win again. And get the title back. And then let Holm challenge her again.

Speaking of rematches we don't necessarily want to see, Manny Pacquiao announced overnight he will fight Tim Bradley for the third and last time in what will be his last fight in the sport. It's worth asking why have the fight at all. It can't be money, as Pacquiao has fought for the some of the biggest purses in the sport. And while honours are split one fight apiece, it can't be to settle the score as every good judge agrees Pacqiuao won both fights but was the victim of horrible judging in the loss to Bradley. 

Worrying revelations in the Sydney Morning Herald today, with news breaking that the NRL has invited two AFL club bosses Geelong boss Brian Cook and Richmond boss Brendon Gale to apply for the vacant NRL chief executive job. It has prompted some NRL heavyweights to ask, once again, why is the NRL inviting the fox into the henhouse?

The NRL can spin it any way they like, but Shane Richardson's 12 months as the head of strategy was a failure. A wage of $600,000-plus to produce a blueprint for the game's future, which has been accepted by the ARL Commission but was met with derision by many in clubland. It was hardly a slam dunk and Richardson's exit from the NRL caught many inside the building by surprise. 

Boutique sports media and public relations company Nine Ounces is pleased to announce the signing of one of Australia’s most exciting, young professional FMX riders, Harry Bink.

Bink is the 2015 Australian Freestyle Champion and winner of Best Whip for 2015. He is known for his outrageous skill on the bike and larrikin attitude when on the ground.

His fearless attitude and relentless pursuit to evolve FMX has made him the man to pull off the biggest Rock Solid Backflip ever – one of only two riders on the planet who can actually pull off the dangerous manoeuvre.

His passion for sharpening his skills and developing new aerial work has also seen him train one-on-one with his childhood hero, Nitro Circus leader and internationally renowned stunt performing superstar, Travis Pastrana.

“I ride to have as much fun as I can and take as many risks as I can, while soaking up all the fun, chasing my dreams and enjoying life,” Bink said.

At just 21, Bink has toured the world on the back of his FMX bike. His career highlights include performing jumps, air, whips and tricks at Movie World stunt show, V8 Supercars, Mexico Red Bull X-Fighters along with performances at MGM Grand Las Vegas, Los Angeles and the Gold Coast.

Hailing from Canberra, Bink now lives on the Gold Coast, Australia, and spends his time honing his craft and developing new tricks in a specialist built training compound. Bink’s background in racing motocross has seen him spend most of his life on two wheels – with at least one usually off the ground.

When you need full-throttled, ball-tearing, adrenaline-charged FMX at your next event, you need Harry Bink.

Harry Bink is available for advertising, product endorsement and promotional appearances.


The Olyroos might be in search of a new nickname after missing out on qualifying for the Olympic Games in Rio in August overnight. 

A 0-0 draw with Jordan in Qatar ended it for the Aussies. It's a troubling time for soccer in Australia. 

The A-League has struggled for most of the summer and most put it down to the absence of marquee players. The game desperately needs the injection of the likes of another Alessandro Del Piero, yet the A-League remains resolute this is the way to go. The game has lost some of its lustre which, for a sport still establishing itself, is a worrying sign.