“I'm prouder of him than I would have been if he had won the gold medal”

It’s another iconic story of father and son, one that many will remember. It was the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and British athlete Derek Redmond would mark his name in Olympic Games history. Not for winning gold but for his determination and unwillingness to admit defeat.

As the favourite to win the 400m, all eyes were locked on Derek as the pistol fired. Pushing himself out of the starting blocks, he was on his way to be the first over the finish line. That was until a torn hamstring brought him to his knees, causing him to collapse onto the track. In a stunning, near-heroic act of desperation, Derek pulled himself up and focused on finishing the race.

Witnessing his son’s unbearable pain, Derek’s father Jim fought his way onto the track to be by his side. Arm in arm, Derek’s father was determined to help him achieve his goal of crossing the Olympic finish line - “Well then, we’re going to finish this together.”

There were many tears that day. Tears of agony, tears of shattered hopes and dreams, tears of encouragement and disbelief. But the tears that spoke the loudest that day were the tears of pride from a father whose son never surrendered.