About Us

Nine Ounces. That’s the average weight of a human heart.

Sport needs heart. It’s the essential muscle that helps us test our limits, reach new personal bests and compete for glory on the playing field. Those Nine Ounces get our blood pumping, our sweat dripping and our pulses racing. Most importantly, they drive us to win.

We know the world is full of talent. Heavy with skill. We know that you can measure speed, gauge strength and identify size. And all are great indicators to future sporting success.

We also know something else – the intangibles in sport, the qualities you can’t measure. You can’t measure courage. Or resilience. Or desire.

Anybody can turn up to a junior sporting ground anywhere in the country and immediately identify the kid with the most talent, the one they all say is going to make it. Truth is, nobody knows how hard they are willing to work for that dream, what obstacles they will be prepared to overcome.

We believe that the best athletes are those with the biggest hearts.

That’s what Nine Ounces is about.

Our job is to tell your story, to make people see the intangibles. It’s to tell it in a way that has not been told before. To connect heartstrings, you might say.

It’s why we continue to live by the thoughts of the ancient horse trainer who, when once asked what separated his great horse from the very good ones, said simply: “the great tick of the heart”.