Nine Ounces joins the campaign to put a full stop to sexual assault and domestic violence

With today marking White Ribbon Day and the beginning of the United Nations’ campaign for 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, issues such as sexual assault and domestic violence have risen to the forefront of the national psyche.

The stark truth is that in 2015, an average of two women per week have died at the hands of the person who says “I love you” and one in three women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence at the hands of someone known to them.

Nine Ounces is proud to be representing the Full Stop Foundation in an effort to not only raise awareness of these startling figures, but to help prevent them and ultimately put a full stop to them altogether.

The Full Stop Foundation is the fundraising arm of Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia, which provides 24/7 telephone and online crisis counselling for anyone who has experienced or is at risk of sexual assault, family or domestic violence, as well as their non-offending supporters.

Through these services, as well as their ongoing programs with indigenous communities, organisations and tertiary establishments, Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia aims to support those who have experienced sexual assault or domestic violence, with a view to eradicating this altogether.

Until that can be achieved, their aim is to answer every call that comes through to their counselling services – while close to 60,000 calls are answered each year, over 18,000 cannot be taken due to a lack of available resources.

Nine Ounces is excited to work with the Full Stop Foundation to help tell its story and achieve these important goals over the coming months. We are honoured to join the campaign to put a Full Stop to sexual assault and domestic violence.