Things head south in late night Crowe and Keary spat

Interesting developments at South Sydney, with Luke Keary revealing why he walked out on owner Russell Crowe after a late night spat.

Crowe took blame for the incident, Tweeting: “Luke Keary situation entirely my fault. A bit of banter that went too far. I’ve apologised. He is a natural leader and great for our club.”

It doesn’t take much to imagine how far Crowe must have gone. Keary was so angry he caught a cab from Crowe’s Coffs Harbour property at 3am and waited at the airport until 6am for a flight back to Sydney.

And nobody, it seems was able to cool him down, although everybody now claims they are all back on solid ground. Of course.

Meanwhile, stand by for other developments at the club. Chief executive John Lee is on the way out with Shane Richardson poised to return.

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